Practice Storyworld – Tracy Leong

Storyworld Genre

Science Fiction

Storyworld Description

Once considered a stigma in society, tattoos have become the norm for everyone. What better way for those in power to keep track of each and every individual’s life, by having them emblazon their life story across their own body? Gone is the need to dig up personal documents, financial statements or medical records to figure out the background of a person. Just look at their body! Dictated by the ruling party, every milestone in life will be commemorated with a suitable tattoo. Just graduated? Get a tattoo. Got a promotion? Get a tattoo. Got into a relationship, or just came out of a break up? Get a tattoo. People no longer hire clowns or face painters at birthday parties, but a tattoo artist instead. Responding to the drastic increase in demand, tattoo artists are constantly on call and have developed a wearable worksite that enables them to take appointments outside of their traditional studio setting.

Sociological Issue

Technological Development

Stephanie – Practice storyworld

Fast forward to 2102, mankind’s obsession with aesthetics was the mood of the century. Everyone sought the latest technologies and gadgets to achieve the ideology of a ‘perfect’ aesthetic.

In order to advance the social ladder or maintain your social status, points were awarded by those around you based on how they perceived your aesthetic. Brands and companies vied with one another to invent the most cutting edge technology for consumers.

With that, invented a cutting edge machine that looks similar to the MRI machines in year 2018.

This machine – Make Bot, can zap away all your imperfections and with their plasma skin rejuvenation technology, you can walk out of the treatment with flawless and poreless skin with no down time needed.

Botox? That’s a thing of the past. With its special microlaser, your skin is instantly lifted and wrinkles are gone in a nanosecond. 

Practice Storyworld – Wendy Neo

This story is set in the future in 2099. Humans have managed to create the highest level of AI, Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). ASI outperforms the human mind by way of superior speed of thought, enhanced memory, untiring performance, and instant upgradability. Somehow, humans have found out a way to programme ASI such that it is extremely intelligent yet does not want to overpower humans and instead wants to help humans.
Thus humans live in a utopia where robots and machines do all the work and humans no longer have to go out and earn money and fuel the economy because all the robots are doing it.

However, it is not really a utopia, not every thing is perfect. This is because since humans don’t actually have to do much work, the obesity rate is increasing in the city. There are still people that are fit because they take care of their health, but the proportion of obese people to healthy people is growing alarmingly. 

The main character is a 27 year old man called Bill who lives by himself in a small apartment. ASI was just implemented in the workforce 5 years before, thus he never really had to enter the workforce and earn money to support himself. Bill was never into sports, moreover he had a bad back, as a result he grows very obese.

Even though there are devices that help transport obese people, Bill does not want to draw that kind of attention to himself and feels insecure when travelling out in the city because of his weight. He is also tired of being alone, he wants to lose weight and turn his life around. No machine or robot can loose the weight for him, so he is determined to exercise and get fit.


LG's exoskeleton suit could help to take the strain off factory workers (Photo: LG)
Back and leg support=

1. Back and leg support to help ease the load when he is exercising
2. Fitness trainer ASI (like a J.A.R.V.I.S that helps you improve your fitness) 
3. Exercise clothes — has a special thread that helps monitor heart beat and important information (i.e. like a fit bit but you just wear it as clothes)
– The sports gear works with the ASI to help create the best workout plan for the person wearing it
– The thread also send electric signals to heart and muscles to make it work harder (to loose weight faster) (non-invasive unlike pills, no side effects)

Comedy and coming of age story

How the story will be told:
Through prose with illustrations

Antecedent technology:
Machines, robots and AI

Practice Storyworld – Joey Ng

Jiang Jun (Older Brother)
Valerie (Mom)
Robert (Dad)

Sci-Fi, distant future

In the distant future, humans are forced to live underground because the environment has been destroyed and too unliveable to live. The Leader of the world decides to reenact the flood like Noah’s Arc to “restart” the world and wash away of the sins of humanity.

The Leader thinks that technology & electricity is the root cause of all these destruction and sins of humanity so He dictates that no electricity and any form of technology will be allowed in the Underground.

Xiangyi who loves photography and art is then on a mission to quickly take photographs of everything, everyone, every sight she loves to store these photographs and keep the memories with her when she need to go to the Underground with the rest of the world.

Portable Darkroom – allowing her to develop photos on the go
Developing Tray Kit – strapped on the front of her torso, to develop photos
Photo Paper
Film Camera

Practice Storyworld – Yukie Miyazaki


Dystopian, sci-fi


Zachary, Dad, Whales


Broken hearing aid that allows the character to hear and communicate with whales


Environmental issues and global warming has brought Mother Earth to ruin and not many remain. People are forced to build upwards as everything begins to sink. Many don’t make it. A fisherman and his death son live alone together in the midst of the water and are doing their best to survive. Radiation and other leaks have caused many animals to become extremely dangerous as well, making surviving even tougher. The father also wants his son to hear again and has been trying to put together a hearing aid that will work, but fails time and time again. However, one day his son wakes up realising that he can hear the whales, and what they are trying to tell him is dire. 


Zachary roused awake as a groaning sound swarmed him. “Wait what?” Zachary touched ears. His face was wet, having fallen asleep in tears. The hearing aid vibrated. Another long moan followed. And another one. And another one. A melody. He touched his ear again. He snapped his fingers, and nothing. There was no sound. But the groans? What were they? 

He listened intently. For a minute there was nothing but the familiar silence, then came another song. He heard a swish, and it was like the tune of it had changed. He felt… sadness. The tune had now become melancholic. 

What was going on? 

He took the hearing aid out, and there was silence again…

Practice Storyworld – Chia Li Hui

1. Story

On a random day, Kate received a video message on her device. The device started to play the message and to Kate’s surprise, she saw herself on it. The message warned her that she should not invite one of her classmates, Joe, to hang out after school. Kate thinks that the message was a prank therefore, chose to ignore it.

When she reached school, she realised that there was a class gathering that day and Joe marked that he was unable to make it. Kate found the accuracy of the message weird but brushed it off and eventually, continues to persuade Joe to attend it. He finally gave in and went ahead with the class but the next day, Joe did not turn up in school.

Subsequently, every morning before school, Kate will receive one video message warning her on the things she should not say or do to Joe. However, Kate continues to ignore those video messages.

One day when Joe suddenly did not turn up for school, Kate found it weird. Kate approached her two other friends and there was a sudden revelation that all of them are receiving weird messages in the morning. At that point, they realized that those messages were serving as a warning of Joe’s suicide.

As days passed, the three of them will come together and discuss their video messages. From there, they found out that Joe was suffering from depression. When Kate finally gathered courage to talk to Joe about it, she found out that he lost his parents on the day they hung out. This caused Joe to resent himself and has always been thinking of committing suicide since that day. However, things did not become better.

One fateful night, Kate received another message, asking them to go to Joe’s house. She rushed to Joe’s house to find Joe trying to commit suicide. Joe was perplexed about the situation as he did not mention his suicide plans to anyone. It was then that Kate told him about what was going on. Joe eventually broke down in front of Kate. 

After that night, things got better, and Joe started to cherish his life together with his friends.

In the second dimension:

The three friends started to reminisce on their days together in front of Joe’s tombstone. They thought about the day they received the news that Joe had committed suicide and passed away. On that day, they recorded a video of themselves. The video consists of the things they wish they could tell their 18-year-old selves, to save their friend. At the end of the day, they left the graveyard together, thinking about Joe.

2. Method

The story will first show the video message that Kate received and how she ignores the video messages. Joe will start showing weird behavior that lead the group to confess everything that they have been receiving. It will slowly progress into how they work together and eventually, managed to save Joe.

The story will then move on to the second dimension where she did not manage to save Joe and the changes in their life without Joe. It will also show the origin on the videos.

3. Technology

The role of the device is to portray how the messages were sent from one dimension to another. It will also show how technology had advanced. The 3-dimensional video messages and the exclusion of phones in the world. The wristband will have to also show how people now video calls each other instead of texting and just normal phone calls.

I think that there is a need to create other materials to prove that the parallel dimensions do exist, and things can be transported from one dimension to another.

Practice Storyworld – Loke Ting Wei

Genre: Fantasy

In the goblin world, goblins travel by flying cars and live in mushroom houses. They could also teleport to different time periods with time machine doors everywhere. They also have healing armour to heal themselves and other goblins, and build houses with a scanning property. This is to protect themselves and ensure that they will have a roof over their heads. They could also come up with any food they like simply by thinking about it and rubbing their tummy pocket. Ingredients will be formed and food will cook by itself in the kitchen.

Goblins have tasks and missions to execute in the human world. Every time they finished one mission, they are allowed to rest for 2 years in the goblin world. One day, a few goblins of power working in the heavens decided to mess up the system because they were unsatisfied of lack of rewards and rest given to goblins, including those of their family. They also felt unfair that they were not treated as well as fairies. So, they opened the heavens door for the goblins to escape to other worlds. Only goblins who had true unhappiness were able to escape.

The heaven gods found out and closed the doors in time. Only 20 goblins managed to escape. They went to the candy world, where everything in the world is made of candy. They tried to survive there, but regretted as they preferred living in the goblin world with their friends and family. Hence, they tried to make their way back to the goblin world, and kept sending messages to their fellow goblins for them to open the heavens door for them again. But it was in vain.

Hence, they stayed at the candy world, hoping to someday get back to goblin world. Over time, Hardworking Goblin fell in love with Pretty Candy. Forgetful Goblin also fell in love with Cute Candy. As time goes by, Pretty Candy and Cute Candy told their goblin partners that they have special powers to open the heavens door. The goblins were happy and wanted to go to goblin world to bring their family members to the candy world to live in, since they do not want to leave their partners. And they could not bring their candy partners into the goblin world. They came up with a plan to do so, but it would mean their partners might risk getting smashed by keeping the door open for a long time. Hence, the goblins would have to act as soon as possible.

The goblins went in, but their family members did not want to leave after hearing about how living in the candy world will be an aimless life, with no missions or goals. They also did not want to risk not being able to come back to their loved ones. Seeing that their attempts were futile, the goblins left, but just as the goblin door was closing, Hardworking Goblin changed his mind as he thought about his sick mother and went into the goblin world, attempting to pull Pretty Candy in. But the suction force was strong and prevented Pretty Candy to enter. By force, Pretty Candy was pulled in. However, in the goblin world, she started melting into a pool of sugar. Only her soul could move around. Devastated, Hardworking Goblin hired witches to help him put together his lover but they failed.

For a long time, Hardworking Goblin lived with the invisible soul of Pretty Candy, until his sick mother died. After that, they escaped into the candy world yet again, only to realise that candy world had been in disaster for years. There had been sugar tornado that crushed many houses. Hence, they tried to save the people and houses with their goblin powers as Pretty Candy has absorbed some goblin powers back in goblin world. They also had healing armour that can detect sickness, give out medicine and even operate surgeries for the people. They also possess scanners that can assess the damage done and restore houses the way they were. Their tummy pocket also allows them to come up with food to save these candy people. For 2 years, they rebuild the entire candy world and rescued the people, and Hardworking Goblin became crowned the king of the candy world.

The character list:

Hardworking Goblin

Forgetful Goblin

Hungry Goblin

Laughing Goblin

Pretty Candy

Cute Candy

HOW will you tell your story? –

Props, material and the role of devices:

Healing armour – inflatable balloon

Scanning property with antennas

Tummy pocket – food

Candy characteristics:

Bumper for them to bounce into anywhere of the universe, including goblin world

Sugar sprinkles to open the heavens door

Practice Storyworld – Low Jia Yi


  • Alex (protagonist) – an ordinary office lady in her mid 20s
  • Warren (antagonist) – Billionaire Tech Mogul with a hidden agenda

Genre: Adventure


The era of convenience has reached its peak – Everything is disposable. Mankind no longer has to lug around their burdensome things, all they need is the Infinity Draw. The Infinity Draw is a device strapped on every human’s wrist, with gleaming tentacles hidden away, ready for command. Upon receiving information from their digital synapses, the robotic arms grow and draw as desired. Mini parachute drones, almost invisible to the eye, float around like party balloons, ready to connect to the robotic arms and supply them with the materials needed. Huge giant robots, the most advanced yet dumbed down piece of artificial intelligence, roam the Earth, picking up all the discards.

Important Technology:

  • Infinity Draw (based on the Zentangle Robotic Arm Design Prototype) – extremely fast 3D Printing
  • Responsive and Automated Giant Robots
  • Responsive and Automated Mini Parachute Drones

Short Story:

The Infinity Draw does everything for humankind, from drawing food to signing important documents. One day, everything shuts down. The robotic tentacles remain unmoveable no matter how the users will them to move. The huge robots pause halfway in motion, and the parachute drones suspend in the thick air, not tinkling around like they use to. Everything is in a standstill and everybody does not know what to do. Then, they start moving again, but not like they used to. They move in eery harmony, photocopies of each other, not controlled by anybody visible. Alex sets out to find out the cause of this technological malfunction, only to stumble across a much larger conspiracy that involves billionaire tech mogul Warren Wick.


This story idea will probably translate well to both books or film.