Practice Storyworld – Yukie Miyazaki


Dystopian, sci-fi


Zachary, Dad, Whales


Broken hearing aid that allows the character to hear and communicate with whales


Environmental issues and global warming has brought Mother Earth to ruin and not many remain. People are forced to build upwards as everything begins to sink. Many don’t make it. A fisherman and his death son live alone together in the midst of the water and are doing their best to survive. Radiation and other leaks have caused many animals to become extremely dangerous as well, making surviving even tougher. The father also wants his son to hear again and has been trying to put together a hearing aid that will work, but fails time and time again. However, one day his son wakes up realising that he can hear the whales, and what they are trying to tell him is dire. 


Zachary roused awake as a groaning sound swarmed him. “Wait what?” Zachary touched ears. His face was wet, having fallen asleep in tears. The hearing aid vibrated. Another long moan followed. And another one. And another one. A melody. He touched his ear again. He snapped his fingers, and nothing. There was no sound. But the groans? What were they? 

He listened intently. For a minute there was nothing but the familiar silence, then came another song. He heard a swish, and it was like the tune of it had changed. He felt… sadness. The tune had now become melancholic. 

What was going on? 

He took the hearing aid out, and there was silence again…

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