Practice Storyworld – Low Jia Yi


  • Alex (protagonist) – an ordinary office lady in her mid 20s
  • Warren (antagonist) – Billionaire Tech Mogul with a hidden agenda

Genre: Adventure


The era of convenience has reached its peak – Everything is disposable. Mankind no longer has to lug around their burdensome things, all they need is the Infinity Draw. The Infinity Draw is a device strapped on every human’s wrist, with gleaming tentacles hidden away, ready for command. Upon receiving information from their digital synapses, the robotic arms grow and draw as desired. Mini parachute drones, almost invisible to the eye, float around like party balloons, ready to connect to the robotic arms and supply them with the materials needed. Huge giant robots, the most advanced yet dumbed down piece of artificial intelligence, roam the Earth, picking up all the discards.

Important Technology:

  • Infinity Draw (based on the Zentangle Robotic Arm Design Prototype) – extremely fast 3D Printing
  • Responsive and Automated Giant Robots
  • Responsive and Automated Mini Parachute Drones

Short Story:

The Infinity Draw does everything for humankind, from drawing food to signing important documents. One day, everything shuts down. The robotic tentacles remain unmoveable no matter how the users will them to move. The huge robots pause halfway in motion, and the parachute drones suspend in the thick air, not tinkling around like they use to. Everything is in a standstill and everybody does not know what to do. Then, they start moving again, but not like they used to. They move in eery harmony, photocopies of each other, not controlled by anybody visible. Alex sets out to find out the cause of this technological malfunction, only to stumble across a much larger conspiracy that involves billionaire tech mogul Warren Wick.


This story idea will probably translate well to both books or film.

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