Field Trips – Jo-Ann Ng

Just a brief summary of the field trips I attended:

  1. Nguan talk at SIPF:
    Organised this field trip with Kaitlyn;
    More info at the post here.
  2. DNA Sampling with Prof John Phillips:
    We visited prof’s lab and he briefed us about the various processes of DNA Sampling and showed us the machine and technology used at the lab. Most interestingly, he showed us his own portable studio that came in a big luggage looking box. (Pictures below)
  3. In-Process; a collection of the making of:
    This was an exhibition by graduating NAFA students and the content of the exhibition was really useful for inspiring and showing different ways to document – also general ideas that very interesting like different forms of architecture or product designs.
    (Pictures were not allowed) 

Ng Yixian Jo-Ann (A0142014B) 

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