Practice Storyworld – Joey Ng

Jiang Jun (Older Brother)
Valerie (Mom)
Robert (Dad)

Sci-Fi, distant future

In the distant future, humans are forced to live underground because the environment has been destroyed and too unliveable to live. The Leader of the world decides to reenact the flood like Noah’s Arc to “restart” the world and wash away of the sins of humanity.

The Leader thinks that technology & electricity is the root cause of all these destruction and sins of humanity so He dictates that no electricity and any form of technology will be allowed in the Underground.

Xiangyi who loves photography and art is then on a mission to quickly take photographs of everything, everyone, every sight she loves to store these photographs and keep the memories with her when she need to go to the Underground with the rest of the world.

Portable Darkroom – allowing her to develop photos on the go
Developing Tray Kit – strapped on the front of her torso, to develop photos
Photo Paper
Film Camera

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