Stephanie – Practice storyworld

Fast forward to 2102, mankind’s obsession with aesthetics was the mood of the century. Everyone sought the latest technologies and gadgets to achieve the ideology of a ‘perfect’ aesthetic.

In order to advance the social ladder or maintain your social status, points were awarded by those around you based on how they perceived your aesthetic. Brands and companies vied with one another to invent the most cutting edge technology for consumers.

With that, invented a cutting edge machine that looks similar to the MRI machines in year 2018.

This machine – Make Bot, can zap away all your imperfections and with their plasma skin rejuvenation technology, you can walk out of the treatment with flawless and poreless skin with no down time needed.

Botox? That’s a thing of the past. With its special microlaser, your skin is instantly lifted and wrinkles are gone in a nanosecond. 

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