Documentation for Prototypes and Models -Darren

Creative Practice: Foley – the reproduction of everyday sound effects for film and videos from small creaky step sounds to explosions in Hollywood. All kinds of tools are used to recreate the desired sound effects. All kinds.  

Tools Used: Since a foley artist can use ANYTHING as a tool, I took common tools used in everyday life and sketched them out. 

  1. Hand Drill 
  2. Hairdryer
  3. Stapler
  4. Spraycan 
  5. Chopsticks 

Drawing of tools: 

My prototype: The idea is to make the foley artist’s job more fun when producing sounds for recording which led to whacky designs you saw in class.

The chopstick glove is useless in grabbing stuff due to the design but still can be used to make chopstick sounds when struck against another object. 

Holding a spray can be tiring. Why not use the retraction of your knee to create the sound so that you have free hands to make other sounds?

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