Documentation for Protoypes vs Models (Yukie Miyazaki)

Creative Practice: Foam Sculpting 

Tools Used:
1) Callipers 
2) Surface forming tool
3) Sandpaper
4) Saw
5) Hot wire cutter

Ideas for tools:
1) Acrylic nail with extendable hot wire attached
2) Hairband that acts as a calliper/ruler

1) The acrylic nail is meant to be solar powered and will extend only when in use. When it isn’t in use, the wire part will simply look like it’s a part of the nail art. This can be useful as it makes the hot wire cutter very much more portable, as well as allows the user more flexibility and control over the cuts. 

Models of the acrylic nail. The one in the middle is how the hot wire cutter will look like slightly extended, while the one on the right is how it will look like when not in use. 

2) The calliper headband is a piece of fabric that has a wire in it that allows it to be malleable and can be used to tie up hair/ keep hair out of the face. It is an existing accessory. However, instead of just being plain or having prints for aesthetic purposes, it will have measurements printed out on it, allowing users to use it as a calliper/ ruler as well. The malleability of the headband means that users can use to measure objects with irregular shapes as well. 

 Prototype of the calliper headband alongside the actual existing accessory. 

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