Documentation for Prototypes and Models – Muhammad Hazzry

Creative Practice

Product design engineer

Tools used:

  1. Multi Screwdriver
  2. Electronic digital calipers
  3. Crimper
  4. Multimeter
  5. Wire Stripper
Multi Screwdriver, Electronic digital calipers, and a crimper
Multimeter and a wire stripper


For the prototype, I thought of the problems that my friend always runs into in his work. He told me that one problem he always has is that he doesn’t know where he left his tools, especially the screw tips since they’re so small! So I thought I would design my prototype around this problem and try to solve it, making a glove that would complement his usage of the multi screwdriver. What I did was I took a right hand glove and installed mini fasteners on the back of it. I made sure to have it close to the wrist, where there minimal movement considering how we always have to make a fist when we use the screwdriver. I also added velcro to fingertips of my middle and ring finger, so that my friend can have a better grip of the multi screwdriver (pardon the image, I used a scissors in substitute of the T-shaped screwdriver to illustrate the idea).

Fasteners to hold the screw tips
Velcro on palm
Velcro fastened


For the model, I just aimed to make it as weird as possible to use the multi screwdriver. So why not have a multi screwdriver pre-installed into the glove, with each fingertip installed with a different screw tip. These tips are retractable, and will only activate if you form a hand gun/ gun sign. I can already imagine it to be super weird and counter productive to use.

Each finger has a different screw tip
Only when you form a gun sign, then the tip will activate

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