Field Trip with SG Food Rescue – Teo Zi Lin

I organised a field trip with SG Food Rescue to save some veggies and fruits from their fate of going into the thrash bins at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre. The field trip happened on 4 October 2018, from 10am to 2pm.

A list of those who attended the field trip are:

  • Teo Zi Lin (Organiser)
  • Allison Kapps
  • Yau Wee Nee
  • Vashon Tnee Rihao
  • Joey Ng Zhi Yu
  • Stephanie Yeo Xin Yi
  • Wendy Neo Hui Ting

We approached shopkeepers and wholesalers and asked them to give us the vegetables and fruits that they no longer want. These included fruits and veggies that were not in the perfect conditions for sale, but still largely edible. Such veggies and fruits were first distributed among Food Rescuers for their own consumption. The majority of the collection then got channelled to soup kitchens and charitable organisations that feed the needy. Below are some pictures of the field trip!

It was a bustling period for wholesalers even on a Thursday morning.
A typical scene of what happens when a wholesaler sorts out their goods.
We saved several tonnes of fruits and veggies in a mere 2 hours. We were frankly shocked by the amount of food wastage in the food supply chain. If these were initially fated to be in the bins in just 2 hours, imagine the amount of perfectly edible food thrown away everyday. That’ll be as much as Mount Faber in just a couple of months!
Working hard to load the rescued veggies and fruits into the truck for transport!
Group photo to celebrate our very bountiful fruits and veggies rescue!

Teo Zi Lin (A0160163R)

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