Field Trips (as a participant) – Teo Zi Lin

Besides the SG Food Rescue field trip I organised (read post here), and the field trip to Art After Dark that I organised together with Johann (read post here), I attended 2 other field trips as a participant. Thus, I attended 4 field trips in total.

The first field trip that I attended as a participant was the DNA Sampling session organised by Ruocha. Dr Philip shared with us many information about the different devices used in DNA sampling, their evolution from immobile to mobile, and also shared with us useful websites that are frequently used in DNA sampling. Below are some pictures that I took of Dr Philip’s lab!

MinION allows DNA sampling to take place beyond the lab.
A hack box for DNA sampling on the go! Very advanced but bulky and heavy!

The second field trip that I attended as a participant was the Artist Talk by Nguan as part of the festival lineup for the 6th Singapore International Photography Festival. The field trip was organised by Kaitlyn and Jo-Ann.

Before the talk, I went to the FIFTY YEARS OF SINGAPORE DESIGN Exhibition at the National Design Centre as I had some time. It was interesting to see how local designers came up with fashion, toys, lifestyle and industrial designs that were uniquely Singapore. My favourite was the StrikFAS toy that even the LEGO company is interested in!

A uniquely Singapore toy

For the talk by Nguan, I did not take any pictures as I was too engrossed in listening to the stories and inspirations by Nguan. However, below is a proof that my ticket was validated and I was indeed present for the talk.

Teo Zi Lin (A0160163R)

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