Practice Storyworld – Darren

The World of New Archania 

Art by Gia Nguyen:

Lore of New Archania: 

  • A millennium ago, Archania was a land where races such as humans, dwarves, and elves, as well as mythical creatures, coincide peacfully. It was rich with greenery and all races lived in harmony. Then one faithful day, a meteor shower struck the land and wiped out 50% of the population due to unknown radiation that caused living conditions to change entirely. The landscape of Arcania changed due to the radiation causing tectonic plates to shift, wildlife to transform, and food and drinking water became scarce. The survivors of all races adapted to the new environment and was forced to fight over scarce resources to stay alive. This resulted in territorial battles and a series of wars for several centuries. They also inspected the meteorites and found advanced alien technology —dubbed Archanium— to which they utilized to build their empires and weapons. It is now YEAR 1089Z, where the races have built giant kingdoms and empires. While food and water is no longer a problem and war has not broken out in the past century, the kingdoms are keeping to themselves — the hatred built up from several centuries of bloodshed and war still linger and there is an unspoken law within each kingdom that prohibits them from interacting with other races. This is New Arcania. 
Art by Gia Nguyen:


  • [Human] Rupert Cendol, King of Human in city of Youtopia, largest city inhabited by humans in New Arcania.
  • [Human] Captain Mike Straw, Captain of Spades, the largest division in the Royal Army. 
  • [Dwarf] Tauhey Yuvtiao, Lord of Dwarves. 
  • [Dwarf] Douhan the Blacksmith. 
  • [Elf] Maiham Laxsa, Queen of Elves. 
  • [Elf] Kate Ousup, Elf Princess.
  • [Mythical Creatures] Alien Dragons, Insectoids, Arcane Witches.  

Important Technology:

  • Archanium Weapon Technology
  • Archanium Advanced Agriculture Technology 
  • Archanium Transportation Technology
Art by Gia Nguyen:

Genre: Fantasy Adventure / Romance 

Story: The city of Youtopia was running low on Archanium supplies, spent mostly on development of weaponry for the Royal Army. Archanium is also used to for farming/food production and more of it would ensure survival of the human race.  
Captain Mike Straw, King Rupert’s most trusted advisor, was entrusted a mission to go on an excursion for more Archanium mining spots at the Twinklelight Forest within the Human Territories. Twinklelight Forest is located along the perimeters of the Elven Territories and this was a highly dangerous mission. 
This is the story of a covert mission that was meant to take less than a fortnight that changed the fate of Captain Mike and the land of New Archania.


  • Probably will tell it through a movie or a game
  • Role of the device: To help create sounds for the movie/game
  • Props and actors: Battle Armor  

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