Documentation for Prototypes vs Models – Joey

Creative Practice
Developing Film

Tools Used
Can/Bottle Opener
Spool + Tank
Trays & Tongs
Measuring Cylinders & Containers
Safety Light

These are the tools used to develop film.
1: wearable workspace to develop film
2: mobile darkroom studio


What I made was both a prototype and a model.
(cause it didn’t really work very well hurhur)
I made the mobile darkroom out of dark, black cloth stitched onto an umbrella.
The black cloth wasn’t opaque enough and light could still seep in but it was too thick, it would be too heavy and drag on the umbrella.
Also, it would be really hot inside. 
So I thought that instead, I could stick those reflective materials (like on car windows) on to the light cloth.
In addition, a safety light would need to be installed so we could see just like in normal dark rooms.
I think that would pose quite a problem to make it to not obstruct the umbrella from closing (pic below).

There were also other suggestions from classmates during the class exhibition that I could hang some ropes/lines to dry the photos on.
I think that’ll be quite feasible and makes the dark room interesting too.

The biggest problem I think would be printing of the photos (not just developing the films) as it involves the enlarger which is a large (pun intended) object. It would be a challenge to try to fit it in.

How the mobile darkroom studio looks like when closed.

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