Documentation for Prototype VS Models – Shelton Chang

Creative practice: Makeup artistry

Tools used:


Brushes (main tools to deposit pigments onto the face

Sponges: For blending and pressing

Disposable applicators: For hygiene,

Caboodle: For storage and travelling

Spatula: for scooping products and hygiene

Mixing palette: for mixing products 

Problems faced: During a busy shoot, an artist on job needs to be quick and fast— without compromising on hygiene, thus there is less room for mistakes and corrections. Usually, correction is done by using a makeup remover— often big and clunky and not as precise. Having an mistake correcting “eraser” that is close to you help save time as you don’t need to keep going back to your stash to find your remover.

A makeup apron

Another thing of issue would be the organisation of brushes. Usually they are splayed out on the desk in a brush roll, and are stuffed full of brushes. When things get hectic, it is difficult to find things in general. Hence, having a wearable mobile brush holder would give the artist more speed when she needs to switch up her packing brush to her blending brushes.

Idea 1: mistake correcting bracer

A wristguard that functions as a portable makeup remover + q-tip holder. The waterproof pouch attached holds enough liquid for an entire shoot and can be easily refilled.

Idea 2: A brush roll belt

Initially I wanted to make a brush belt and roll (see drawing) that enables you to wear it during a job and easily wraps up into a bundle for storage. But an artist can easily have over 20-50 brushes and it isn’t surprising to see them with multiple brush so. So why not a customisable belt instead?

The belt enables you to attach any brush roll on it so you could wear them on your waist. Basically a fanny pack for brushes. It could be adjusted so that the size of the belt fits your waist. While it may sound quite useless, I think the quick DIY could save artists money on buying multiple brush belts if they already have many brush rolls due to the customisability.

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