Documentation for Prototypes and Models (Practitioner 1) – Stephanie

Creative practice: Leather crafting

– Stitching chisel
– Swivel knife and angled blade
– Leather craft roller
– Sewing Horse
– Strap end punch
– Threads and needles (not featured in the picture below)

Here’s some pictures from the leather crafting workshop! You can see how cluttered the workspace can be due to the number of tools that is needed. 

Idea 1 – Prototype

For the prototype, I wanted to create a tool belt that the leather crafter can wear that consists of all the tools and supplies needed. Velcro to secure the tool belt is ideal as it can be adjusted easily to suit all shapes and sizes. 

On the left side of the tool belt, you can insert tools into the slits and take them out very easily as well. For tools like the knife blade, I wanted a protective flap that is lined with silicon which can prevent the user from being injured. Initially, I wanted the spools of thread to be on display but moving forward, it might not be ideal or necessary as the space can be used to hold other tools. Furthermore, on a watch strap usually only one colour of thread will be used. 

On the right side, the leather samples are clipped to the belt so that the crafter will know what are the types of leather or materials that he has. This way, he or she can show it to their clients easily as well. 

The rod like tool will be compatible with attachments such as the leather craft roller, strap end punches in order to minimise the number of tools needed. 

The detachable tool pouch consists of the sewing horse, leather craft roller, various strap end punches and the cutting board for the crafter to be able to create his art on the go. 

Idea 2 – Customising the strap (Drawing)

Ipad app

After speaking to the leather craftsman, he mentioned that it was often for customers to decide what kind of material they wanted for their straps and the type of end, the colour of the thread etc. Hence, I thought that it would be pretty cool if there was an app for customers to use in order to pick the perfect strap for their watch.  

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