Documentation for Prototypes vs Model – Ang Xin Yee

Creative Practice

Tools Used 
Lens pens
Air blower
Peak Design neck strap
Collapsible reflector sheet 
Memory card holder (box) 

Model and Prototype
To begin with, I sketched out two ideas. The first idea is the one that doesn’t work while the second idea is feasible.

Idea 1
The first idea involves creating a mechanism that is attached to a reflector sheet and connected to the camera being used. According to the light sensors on the camera, the mechanism is supposed to react accordingly by changing the angle which is it at. 

Idea 2
My second idea was to make a utility belt for photographers who do outdoor photography. Since tools they used are usually thrown into a bag, and can be quite messy or inconvenient to find things, creating an all-in-one utility belt will make their lives easier.

It includes memory card slots and elastic slots, which are both made using elastic bands to ensure that memory cards or equipment don’t slip and fall out while on the move. 

Since many photographers nowadays use Peak Design straps, they are able to switch between different types of neck and hand camera straps. The hooks on this utility belt allows them to conveniently hang their unused straps and interchange them easily. 

The buckle will also be on the back since photographers go into uncomfortable positions, most of which require them to bend forward. Thus, having the buckle at the back would not hinder their movement as much.

Photographer’s utility belt with one of each feature

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