Documentation of Creative Practice: Celine Goh Shi Ying

The Baristometer

Creative Practice

At work, I observed some of my colleagues struggling with latte art mainly because: 1. the milk frothing process (unable to accurately determine the righ temperature for the steamed milk; 2. difficulty in controlling the flow of milk while doing the latte art.

The Baristometer.
The idea was to create something that would try to reduce the difficulty in controlling the milk flow while drawing the latte art and getting the right temperature for the milk as accurately as possible. With this in mind, the Baristometer was conceptualised. 

First, the end with the thermometer tip will be plunged into the milk pitcher while it is being frothed. As the milk is frothed, the thermometer measures the temperature of the milk and when the optimal temperature is reached, the ring will light up to indicate to the barista that the milk is ready. The button allows the barista to control the flow of the milk: whenever she/he needs milk, the button is pushed and milk is sucked and released through the straw conduit. The conduit allows for better control over the milk flow by allowing the barista to control the amount of milk poured out while drawing the art, with increased precision of where the milk will be poured into.

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