Documentation for Prototypes vs. Models (Charmaine Goh)

Study of a Creative Practice: Lash Lift Beautician

Earlier this year, I went to have my lash lifted by my friend who is a lash lift beautician. So I approached her for this assignment and she told me about the tools she used and some problems she faced (listed on the image below). Hence, I decided to create a arm band that can hold the required equipment.

Tools Used:
– Lash Glue
– Lash Separator
– Y – Tool (to separate huge chunks of lash)
– Silicon Pads (key tool placed on the eyelid where the lash will be lifted on)
– Cling Wrap (to prevent residue from falling into the eye)
– Lash Tint

(Tools used and some problem faced.)

Drawing of Prototype 1:

The Arm Lash is made from waterproof material with a cushion sewn inside for extra comfort. I combined the Y- Tool and the lash separator together to reduce space and to increase efficiency. The individual tool such as the lash glue are attached to the band through an elastic band. There will be two pockets, one to hold the silicon pads. The highlight would be the automatic cling wrap dispenser that works on a push button sensor. The cling wrap can be easily cut with the blades attached to it and its size can be customized by adjusting the settings.

Model of Arm Lash

Idea 2: Lash Glove (doesn’t solve any problem)

The initial idea I had does not solve the problem as it is a wearable glove design. It would not work because the process of lash lifting requires the hands and fingers to be nimble and free from restrictions. By having tools attached to the back of the hand and sticking out (although retractable), it will restrict the finger movements and reduce the accuracy.

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