Week 11 Optical Illusion workshop- Karin Lew

On week 11, we conducted a series of workshops outside of class with a group of 5 classmates. It was a pretty interesting series as we got to make soap and acrylic art as well as learn about Adobe Illustrator.

The workshop I taught was on optical illusions: what were the different subsections of it, how it happens, and lastly, a short hands-on activity on how to draw one. 

Explaining the different variations of optical illusions.
in the middle of the hands-on activity to draw one.
learning how to make acrylic art from nail polish!
the result!! really cool I liked doing this a lot
Soap making….
adobe illustrator/Glitch workshop….

Overall, we all had a pretty great time learning from each other, it was cool to learn and try new things.

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