3 Field Trips Summarized – Karin Lew

I went on 3 field trips throughout the semester and here is my summary of it! The first field trip was to the Red Dot Musuem, the second was Nguan’s Artist talk and the last was to a solo trip to a Makkoli Musuem. 

  1. Red Dot Musuem

This trip was enjoyable for me because the museum featured a lot of design innovations in everyday life and I was thoroughly intrigued!

Light installation that faded in and out in respond to Touch.
Really like this storage/coin box that features a seamless edge and muted pastel tones!
But my absolute favourite would be this fella robot here called Pudding. It looks adorable and is able to sentiently reply me in a conversation! Was shocked when i requested to take a photo and its face transformed into a camera screen!
I think we all enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. 

2. Nguan Artist talk

As part of the Singapore Photography Festival, Nguan, the photographer known for his trademark pastel, almost whimsical street photography of Singapore had his artist talk. Making use of festival pass from my Photojournalism mod, I went for the talk on a Saturday morning at National Design Centre.

I think what intrigued everyone was putting a face to Nguan. Unlike most creatives and artists who brand themselves through their work, Nguan remains to be very low-profile and humble. He later tells us that making himself recognisable especially in small Singapore, would make taking photos inconvenient for him and less naturalistic. 

Nguan mentions how his editing is intentionally pastel as he wanted to mimick a sort of childrens book but with darker undertones. His main influence is Steven Shaw. 
Some inspired Nguan-ified shots taken with Celine after the talk!

3. Makkoli Gallery

This was sort of grouped together with my practitioner exercise as well, I went to a makkoli gallery to find out more about the traditional Korean wine as well as try the workshop

The many different kinds pf packaging and flavors!
I thought this bottle design was pretty cool and intricate. 

We also got to try lots of makkoli in a different flavors > really an eye-opener

Overall, I’ve summarised the field trips and i had a great time in all 3 of them!

Week 11 Optical Illusion workshop- Karin Lew

On week 11, we conducted a series of workshops outside of class with a group of 5 classmates. It was a pretty interesting series as we got to make soap and acrylic art as well as learn about Adobe Illustrator.

The workshop I taught was on optical illusions: what were the different subsections of it, how it happens, and lastly, a short hands-on activity on how to draw one. 

Explaining the different variations of optical illusions.
in the middle of the hands-on activity to draw one.
learning how to make acrylic art from nail polish!
the result!! really cool I liked doing this a lot
Soap making….
adobe illustrator/Glitch workshop….

Overall, we all had a pretty great time learning from each other, it was cool to learn and try new things.

Share your World – Celine, Karin & Darren




In the year 2150, pizzas are driven to extinction due to the extreme shrinkage of carb diets due to the fad Keto dieting that made everyone grow independent of carbs. And how everyone is on the go now so small-food take outs are all the rage while bulky large pizzas are the age of the past.

So Peter the Pizzaiolo, grandson of Italian pizza-making prodigy, Penelope Pepperoni, never giving up his dreams of continuing family tradition, decides to make Pizzas great again.

SO HE INVENTED THE PIZZA HAT, combining the fad diets to make small pizzas now available on the go and also reaches out to people’s nostalgia to restore the glory of pizzas again!

Finalised Microstory #1 (Darren)

‘Ring ring ringgggg …!’ The loud and quirky alarm broke the silence in the room. Bobby, with his face still planted on his pillow, reluctantly stretched his hands out to reach out for his iPhone XXVII. He slowly raised his head and slowly open his eyelids to glance at the time. His eyes widened.  


On his future-high-def-AR phone screen (like JARVIS’s UI in Iron Man) was 20 missed calls from his boss, Peter, the Pizzaoilo. There was one text message left in a following notification: ‘YOU’RE LATE FOR WORK PETER!!!! WHERE ARE MY INGREDIENTS!’ – every character in caps, demarking.

Bobby leapt out of bed, hurriedly put on his signature green jacket and held his hair back before placing on his work cap. He was two hours late for work and he was in charge of preparing the ingredients for the wacky experiments for the invention that will revive pizza for mankind, the PizzaHat.

Finalised Microstory #2 (Karin)

As Bobby was making his way to Peter’s house for his daily job, he heard the usual Boom! Crash! Thud! of Peter tinkering about in his workshop/former pizza parlour. He sighed and entered the space thinking for the umpteenth time when this was going to end. At least there are free pizzas for me he muttered to himself.

“Free pizzas for you? Oh boy when I’m done with this machine there’ll be free pizzas for everyone!!!” exclaimed Peter suddenly from his side. “Or at least for a day, then we open for business officially” he pondered.

Peter was always so optimistic about everything, even when his family-run pizza parlour closed down and everyone had shifted on to the Keto diet officially, Peter was still determined to #makepizzagreatagain. Instead of letting people’s smaller appetites get to him, he adapted around it and focused on creating the ultimate device that would still get people to eat pizza! Although the only problem was that the device had to actually work first……

Meanwhile, Bobby, his intern was as done with this as he was with everything in life. He stayed purely for the delicious free pizza and money he made that could sustain him just enough. But deep down, Bobby actually had a soft spot for Peter and his zealous enthusiasm for his dream. He and Peter both knew that despite his many complains and comments, he would still come to help out the next day.

And so, this 2 distinctly different characters embark on the journey to make the world’s first ever PizzaHat and on that very day indeed……..

“Bobby! Come quick! Over here!…. I think…. I think I did it!”

Finalised Microstory #3 (Celine)

Putting an end to the 20th time he has dialled Bobby the Intern, Peter the Pizzaiolo heaved out a sigh.

“I really should be firing him or cutting his paycheck… but ya he’s working for free… and actually… I don’t have anyone else so URGH!”

Thinking back 10 years ago on a rainy night when he first met Bobby the Intern, little Bobby was no more than a street castaway… abandoned by his family due to poverty. He remembered feeling sorry for Little Bobby and decided to bring him home for the night, at least out of the rain.

That night, he relived his memories of his family’s age old pizza making tradition with Little Bobby, and little did he know, Little Bobby shared the same dreams with him! They both wanted to make Pizza great again… reintroducing the world to Pizza once again! That was how their little partnership began….

10 years on, the duo finally had some breakthroughs in their technology and today was the day for the world to change. Today was the day the PizzaHat would revolutionise the world and bring pizzas back into people’s lives. Despite Bobby the Intern’s tardiness, Peter the Pizzaiolo knew he was the only one he could count on… the only one who shared the same dreams and aspirations as him…