Field Trip 2: Red Dot Museum — Celine Goh Shi Ying

Overview of Field Trip

The museum trip was organised by Stephanie and it saw us going through a series of exhibits which ‘previews the future’. 

The exhibition showcased novelty and aesthetic designs and inventions collated through the Red Dot Award For Design Concept organised by Singapore.

We were free to roam about the 2 floors of the museum and engaged in some of the interactive exhibits! Some of those exhibited were actually wearables (although I forgot to snap a picture of it) similar to that of your handy-dandy apron studio Prof!

An electronic violin
Puding BeanQ Robot

One such novelty invention was Pudding BeanQ, an intelligent robot for young children in China.

It takes inspiration from a bean waiting for sprouting,who comes to earth with curiosity and wants to become a buddy with children. To activate it, we just had to shout out ‘Puding Puding!’ and voice out whatever questions we have for the little robot.

Besides that, touching the two sides of its body and head makes you feel like having a pet. For instance, when you pat its head, Puding will display heart-shaped eyes to indicate that it likes the touch.

Supported by extensive perception and characteristic emotions, children can chat and be educated by this intelligent little robot.

Personal Insights and Reflections

While visiting the museum, I was intrigued that there were so many novelty innovations around such as Puding BeanQ which utilised recent advanced technology. Whilst having the knowledge that such technology are proliferating nowadays, the solidification of the idea that novel innovations are produced everyday, break the limits of reality, was only sank in after the museum trip.

It was also heartening to find that Singapore actually supports such creative artistic spaces such as the Red Dot Museum and also encourages the expansion of the creative landscape through competitions like the Red Dot Design Concept.

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