Explore Practitioners 1 + Field Trip 1: Theo10 — Celine Goh Shi Ying

Local brand funded by Spring Singapore, Theo10’s products are created from 100% natural ingredients sourced globally. Cream bases contain beeswax (harvested from Italian bees), American peppermint essential oil (air-flown in to preserve its efficacy) and Indian neem oil (Cold pressed to ensure the highest yield of beneficial components).

Theo10 Director Theodore Khng, came down personally to conduct the workshop specially which was located at the Singapore Visitor Centre.  

Process Documentation

During the Workshop we were given the opportunity to create ouor very own moisturiser and insect repellant.


A combination of aloe vera and beeswax was the organic cream base we used for our moisturiser. Theodore mentioned that all Theo10’s products are good for eczema and was the brand was created to aid people with sensitive skin ailments.

First, we collected a small sample of cream and were told to drop a maximum of 10 essential oil drops into our metal canisters.
Then, using the glass rod, stir the mixture till the essential oils were fully Incorporated into the cream.

My moisturiser was a combination of Rose Otto and Lavender which had the benefits of anti-oxidants, reduction of anxiety and helps in skin complexion, burns and wounds!

Theodore explaining the concept of Theo10

Insect Repellant:

First, we were given a sample of 2ml of the organic Neem base which smelled interestingly like fish oil and soy sauce combined. Combined with 10ml of water, the base mixture of the repellant was formed.
Then, again Theodore assigned us with the task of using the essential oils to mask the putrid stench of the base. 
The insect repellant was wind-proof and also had a shelf life of 5 years.

Me and Darren’s Fruity Insect Repellant

Tools Used

Metal Canister
Glass Rod
Essential Oils

Insect Repellant:
2 ml Organic Neem Base
10ml Water
Glass Spray
Essential Oils

Pain Points

Initially, when Theodore first started Theo10, he mentioned that the tedious part of the process was making the cream base by himself, stirring the pot continuously for hours and also making the moisturisers by hand one by one dropping the essential oils into the mini metal canisters.

However, that was years ago. Now, Theo10 has factories which machine-produce the moisturisers and products in big batches so this was not a pain point for Theodore anymore.

Class Picture with Theodore!

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