World building— Shelton Chang

toryworld (Inspired loosely by Fallout): 200 years after the nuclear war between China and USA, the dust has settled, but the Earth glows in an eerie tinge of green, perhaps from the radiation. Most of the population were wiped from extinction the moment the bombs were dropped. Those who survive either mutated into Mutants, an orcish being, with superhuman strength that feeds on human flesh or Ghouls, that lost their minds and succumb to the radiation. But however, there are still people, or vault dwellers, that were privileged upper-class citizens who had the power and money to get themselves into nuclear-proof bunkers known as vaults, built by Vault-Tec, a giant tech conglomerate in the US. Vault-Tec was commissioned by the United States of America to conduct various tests in their vaults, with cruel agendas ranging from nurturing a breed of superhuman soldiers from a community of test subjects to understanding how radiation affects living subjects.

Genre: Dystopian, Sci-Fi

Story: The story follows a pre-War veteran who was cryogenically frozen after the bomb dropped for 200 years. His wife, and baby son had gotten themselves a slot at Vault 101 in the small town of Sanctuary. However halfway through the cryogenic sleep, they were woken up briefly, only to witness his son stolen from him and his wife shot by a mysterious mercenary through the glass of the cyro chamber he was sleeping in, before going back to slumber as the mysterious stranger walks away with his son. The next time he wakes up, he finds himself in the vault 200 years later. With everyone dead and his child’s status unknown, he sets foot out into the wastelands in search of his missing child and a score to settle.

Method: Through a first-person role playing VR simulation.

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