Practice Storyworld – Muhammad Hazzry


Global warming has reached an entirely new level and the ozone layers have depleted beyond repair. Due to the multiple kinds of pollution due to human activity, the environment has changed and the sun’s UV rays now have adverse effects on creatures dwelling the Earth. The rays can harm the human skin within seconds and it turns plants into rabid, dangerous creatures. Hence, the only way to survive is to avoid the daylight and only come out at night.

Because the sun rays can be harmful even when one is not under direct sunlight, humanity has now decided to migrate underground – people live in underground bunkers/ vaults. Not just homes, but work, entertainment hubs, malls are now fully underground.

Effects of sun rays on human skin and plants
Underground bunker
How the inside of the bunkers look

Genre: Dystopian

Story: to be told in a commercial-style, for the people in the bunker. I drew up a storyboard for the commercial and attached a sample advertistment of the kind of aesthetics I had in mind for the commercial. Basically the advert is trying to sell a suit that allows humans to go into the outside world in broad daylight unharmed.

Storyboard for the commercial (sorry for the amateur-ish drawing)

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