Practice Storyworld – Brenda Tan

1. Storyworld

Character Descriptions:
– Angie: old family robot that was beginning to malfunction 
– Eager: an experimental, goofy-looking robot that was bought to replace Gavin’s old family robot, Angie. He eventually becomes Gavin’s best friend 
– Gavin: main protagonist of the story; helps Ann to uncover the truth behind the mysterious deaths 
– Samantha: Gavin’s sister; works alongside Gavin and Ann to solve the crime
– Ann: police officer who was put in charge of the recent series of mysterious deaths 
– SLIK Robots: batch of newer, sleek robots that were rolled out to replace the old batch of family robots. 

Relationship Maps:

Important Technology:
– AI system that runs the smart robots
– Advanced sensory and biometric technologies
– Surveillance cameras that were installed inside the SLIK robots 

Antecedent Technology:

Smart robots designed to serve families already exist in today’s world, ranging from the Aeolus Robot which is able to move household objects and adapt to changing environments, to Ubtech Robotics’ Walker, which offers a complete “home butler” service. However, these robots can only provide assistance to humans at home.

Equipped with an advanced GPS system and recognition function, the SLIK robots in this storyworld are able to run errands for their owners outside of the house. With highly advanced sensory and biometric technologies, it can also recognise and differentiate between an unlimited number of people, places and items. 

Image source:
Sketches of Eager (experimental robot) and SLIK robots (more advanced robots)

2. Genre
Sci-Fi/ Thriller 

3. Story 

In the late 22nd century, rising sea levels and natural disasters from global warming have wiped out many coastal cities and the world’s population was tremendously reduced. Due to a severe lack of manpower, robots were created to serve families and take over jobs. In Washington, a new batch of robots called SLIK was rolled out to replace the old batch. 

One day, Gavin’s family robot, Angie, starts malfunctioning. Since Gavin’s family is unable to afford a SLIK robot, they decided to get one of the cheaper, experimental robots  – Eager. Eager and Gavin quickly became best friends. 

Weeks later, Eager and Gavin were watching the news together – there was a series of mysterious deaths in the state. People who opposed the governments started dying mysteriously without any signs of struggle, and the SLIK robots that belonged to the victims were destroyed as well. 

Suddenly, Eager started glitching and a vision of his past reappeared, showing the employees from SLIK installing mysterious-looking devices into the SLIK robots. Gavin, Samantha and Ann worked together to uncover the truth behind these mysterious deaths and found out that those mysterious-looking devices were in fact surveillance cameras planted by the government in the SLIK robots, for purposes of “national security”. The government, which only wanted only their supporters to survive, installed the robots with a unique voice recognition function that will alert the government whenever the robots’ owners mention keywords like “hate the government”.  Since the government had full control over the SLIK robots, they were able to make the robots self-destruct, while standing beside their owners, killing them as a result. In the end, Ann, Samantha, Gavin and Eager found the main control station that controlled all the robots in the state, and managed to turn off all the robots in the country, including Eager. 

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