Documentation for Prototypes vs Models – Chia Li Hui

Creative Practice
Polymer Clay 

Tools used
1. White Tile (To avoid staining the table and white allows people to see dirt and lint easily)
2. Dotting Tool
3. Acrylic Roller/Brayer
4. Wire Cutter
5. Wax Carving Tool

Sketches of 5 tools used

Idea 1: Anti-lint Apron

Anti-Lint Apron

The idea is to allow the artist to remove fabric lints easily while making polymer clay. This is to avoid having lints trap in the clay. The velcro, sticky sheet from lint roller and fuzzy pads are all tools used to remove the lints. There is also a pocket for the artist to put other tools that he or she wishes to use.

Apron Prototype
Apron Model (Strings are adjustable according to the artists’ preference and height)

Idea 2 (absurd): Texturing Gloves

Sketch of Texturing Gloves

Idea is to aid the artist in texturing the clay.

Texturing Gloves

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