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WaverlyLabs’ Pilot Earpiece promises to translates languages in real time.


Practice it works in:

This earpiece is made by WaverlyLabs, a start-up company that was inspired by Star Trek’s Universal Translator and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s babelfish. When worn, Pilot sits in the ear to translate spoken foreign languages to the wearer. 

Imagine how useful that would be!

Specific use:

Designed as a pair of linked earpieces, Pilot connects to an app that uses speech recognition and machine translation to convert spoken language. It removes the awkwardness of phrase books or smartphone apps by playing a translated version directly to the listener.

Pilot can also be used to wirelessly listen to music, which can be shared with the earpiece of a companion.


Given that it is worn in our ears AND is wireless, I would imagine the mobility of Pilot to be barely restrictive and highly comfortable.

Utility vs Fashionability:

Seeing as to how it is similar in look to Apple’s latest wireless earpiece, I would give its design some credit in terms of its aesthetic. The earpieces also come in the right basic colours–neutrals are always in season, and easy compatibility is an added bonus.

In terms of utility, I truly think it is a brilliant idea. Language barriers have always been hard to overcome, even with the help of google translate (time has to be spent typing your message down and then finding the language and then waiting for your screen to generate the sentence in another language. With this earpiece, one will be able to IMMEDIATELY understand what the other person is saying without any hassle, isn’t that pretty darn useful? 10/10 for utility yes. 

The Makeup Artists’ Brush and Tool Belt Roll

Practice it works in:

Every MUA (Make Up Artist) uses it. It is convenient to hold their brushes while they apply makeup onto their model’s faces and can store a lot more other shenanigans. like eyelash curlers, tape, beauty grooming products, etc.

Specific Use:

  • Adjustable belt strap.
  • Varied size compartments can hold varied makeup brush and other slender makeup product.
  • Fanny pack only, brush and other accessories are not included.
  • An adjustable strap allows for the belt to be comfortably worn around the waist or over the shoulder


Extremely convenient and easy to move around in I would say. Greatly makes the job of a MUA easier. Non restricting to move around in as well

Utility vs fashionability:

I mean a fanny pack will only look that good…..

Utility wise, I believe that it is useful in being a wearable storage/holding area for the MUA’s tools and makeup. It might be even better if makeup could be stored in the utility belt as well perhaps. But then again that would definitely restrict movement….

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