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Exoskeletons and Tool Belt

Have you ever wished that your heavy backpack will magically lighten with a snap of your fingers? Well, imagine how your pals in the military who have to lug around a heavy field pack. 

NSRDEC has been leading efforts towards the research of exoskeletons can reduce injuries, carrying loads and help troops move around the battlefield and cover terrains with greater ease. It’s sophisticated synthesis of technology such as artificial intelligence that is able to adjust the machinery to move seamlessly with the wearer which is a huge improvement from previous prototypes that actually resists the body’s natural movements. 

What are exoskeletons? Exoskeletons are essentially wearable robots that cover the legs and the arms. 

Although it’s currently still in development, the K-SRD uses DermoskeletonTM technology licensed from B-TEMIA, to counteract overstress on the lower back and legs when heavy loads are being carried. It supports and boosts leg capacity for physically demanding tasks that require lifting or dragging heavy loads, or walking with load on inclines or stairs. K-SRD effectively reduces fatigue and increases endurance.

In term of aesthetics,  it’s reminiscent of the 1959 book “Starship Troopers” by Robert Heinlein which is regarded as the first widely circulated work of fiction to feature military powered armour, and with new technologiesit’s a step closer to reality each day.

Nurse Tool Belt

Let’s dial it down a little and look at something that is less ‘techy’. To be honest I was quite horrified/bewildered at how little advancements or improvement there has been to the ‘tool belt’ for nurses. In fact, if you google ‘Nurse tool belt’ you will find pages after pages of shopping links for you to purchase them from, with little to no links to research or new developments with regards to new developments of the nurse tool belts. It seems like in terms of utility it is serving it’s purpose but it seems to be compromising in terms of aesthetics. Perhaps in more developed regions such as Singapore, they have moved towards ipads or tablets to record patient’s information. However, they will surely still need some basic tools with them when they do their rounds?

This semi circle tool belt is a seemingly popular design that can hold a considerable amount of things. 
This is another design that can hold very limited number of tools. 

Upon doing some quick research, there are a few things that nurses have to carry around at all times. 

  1. Stethoscope. One of the most common and essential medical items that are found in a nursing bag is the stethoscope. 
  2. Medical reference book / guide.
  3. OTC medicine. 
  4. Blood pressure monitor and thermometer. 
  5. Notebook or binder. …
  6. Smartphone or tablet
  7. Writing utensils
  8. Tourniquet
  9. Scissors and Micropore Medical Tape
  10. Hand sanitizer

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