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Oakley Radar Pace — Smart Sunglasses

Source: https://www.cnet.com/reviews/oakley-radar-pace-review/

The newest technology for athletes. Useful for lightweight and comfortable workout sessions with real-time coaching feedback. Activate the sunglass by saying ‘Okay, Radar.’ Radar Pace will then provide feedback on your workouts while you’re exercising; “Your stride rate is low. Smaller, quicker steps.” Helps the athlete to maximise and optimise workout performance. Both utility and fashionability considered with the stylish sunglasses from Oakley able to monitor and track your fitness while on-the-go!

Drawing of Oakley Radar Pace

EMOTIV Insight Headset

Source: https://www.emotiv.com/insight/

This headset from EMOTIV is the basic headgear you need to read your mind (if you don’t already know what you’re thinking). Suited for medical purposes as an advanced brainwear for performance and wellness tracking through mobile interfaces. Insight is a 5-channel EEG device that allows the user to track his/her brainwaves and translate them into meaningful yet simplified, understandable data. Done by attaching sensory polymers to specific parts of the head and by concentrating on certain actions say, “Draw a circle”. The brainwaves generated then will be translated onto a mobile interface. EMOTIV states Insight can have medical benefits for users such as helping people with ADHD improve their concentration. Utility is well-thought out but the aesthetics of the device makes Insight look like an alien particle latched onto your head to be honest.

 Drawing of Emotiv Insight Headset

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