Field Trips – Loke Ting Wei

Field Trip 1: A Craftsman Journey – From Dream to Reality

Made our own moisturiser!
Waiting for our turn to get some of the mixture
(contains the goodness of pure jojoba oil!)
Us mixing the essential oils into our mixture
Learnt about the different benefits of the oils!

Field trip 2: Red Dot Design Museum

Some of the cool designs for the kitchen! That pan with the detachable base would be so convenient! 
A filter device which one can obtain fresh drinking water from the sea! Relatable to our group’s project which is about living on a water city in 2050.
A panel that uses the principle of adiabatic cooling to adjust a room’s temperature without electricity or gas. This would be so good for people living in developing countries, esp with extremely hot weathers. This design product is really a social good.

Field trip 3: Gem Jamming @ Singapore Jewelry and Gem Fair 

Using the CAD Matrix 9.0 to create our own jewelry!
Preview of the actual jewelry after creating it

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