Field Trip (Painting Demonstration with local artist Goh Huiying) – Organised by Boo Shangyou

I organised a field trip to NTU’s School Of Art, Design and Media on the 31st of October where we observed award-winning watercolour artist Goh Huiying work on her new acrylic gouache painting for an upcoming art exhibition.

Field Trip Attendees:
1. Boo Shangyou (Organiser)
2. Low Jia Yi
3. Ang Xin Yee
4. Allison Kapps
5. Eugene Tan

The purpose of Huiying’s latest art piece was to experiment how colours with the same luminance values but different hues could still create contrast (and an optical illusion shimmering effect in some cases when colours on the opposite ends of the colour spectrum are used).

We got to observe the early stages of her painting process, as she explained to us the ideas and concepts behind her painting and proceeded to draw sketches of the actual painting.

Here is how her amazing painting turned out in the end:

If you’d like to check it out (along with many other amazing paintings), it will be on exhibition until 30th November here:

On a side note, here are another 3 interesting field trips that I attended:
– A Craftsman Journey – DIY Insect Repellant and Moisturiser
– Body Paint Camouflage Artist Emma Hack
– Gem Jamming Session on Traditional Jewellery Manufacturing Techniques

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