Field Trips – Rachel Teo


This was my favourite field trip out of the 4 that I attended. It was a hands-on workshop and we got to take away our DIY products home. 

The workshop was lead by Theodore, the founder of Theo10, to design and create our very own moisturizer and insect repellent, which are also the products that Theo10 is known for. He provided us with the necessary tools and taught us how to create our own concoctions. We experimented and went through many trial and errors to create our own unique scented products. Overall it was really fun, but we also learnt that the process is not easy. 

2. “A Preview of the Future – Red Dot Award: Design Concept”

The designs exhibited in this exhibition were simply out of this world! From furniture to technology, and also wearables, the exhibition showcases design concepts from designers/inventors all over the world – all of which whose concepts have been awarded an award. Many of the design concepts were very futuristic and innovative, which aims to solve a problem and or to make lives of users easier. I felt that it was very similar to what we are trying to achieve in our Design Fiction module. The exhibition was very inspiring for us in the creation of our own projects. 

This was my favourite display at the exhibition! It’s an interactive robot named Pudding! It reacts to your commands and questions as you speak to it. Pudding only converses in Mandarin though.

3. In-Process A collection of the making-of.

The main focus of this exhibition is on the design process of NAFA student’s creations, instead of the final product. The entire design process was heavily documented and laid out for visitors to see, but I do not deny that the final products themselves were all very creative and amazing. The exhibition allowed us to experience the designers’ thought process which inspired their creations which I thought that it was very cool! Also, it showed me that a lot of hard work goes into beautiful documentation for presentations. 

4. 1+1 DM Staff Show 2018

This exhibition showcases creations of Design and Media lecturers of NAFA. The two works that I enjoyed were two books that were on display:

I loved the idea of the creation of a storybook for blind children.
I simply enjoyed reading this piece! The message of the story was very meaningful.

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