Week 7 Sewing & Embroidery Workshop – Charmaine & Rachel

Our workshop on sewing and embroidery was conducted during week 7 in class. For this workshop, we selected a few different kinds of stitches and embroidery methods that we thought would be useful for the class when they create their final prototype.

The rough agenda for the workshop was:

  1. Running Stitch
  2. Back Stitch (more secure; useful to sew pieces of cloths together for your prototype relative to using ‘running stitches’ as it got a stronger hold)
  3. Chain Stitch
  4. Lazy Daisy (using the concept of chain stitch)
  5. French Knot (can be use to create mini roses)
  6. Satin stitch and padding (can be used to create different embroidery design. Tips: Do drawing guidelines of your design before you start embroidering)
  7. Fishbone/Fishtail
Here is a reference image to show how the different stitches and embroidery actually looks like.
Tools used: 
– Threads (thick, thin)
– Needles
– Scissors
– Cloth
– Needle threader
Final product of everyone’s!

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