Small Design Decision – Wendy Neo

I’m currently watching Maniac on Netflix, it is a really interesting show about psychology and pharmaceutical drugs, starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. It seems like it is set around 1980-1990s, from observation of the surroundings and technology. One cool thing about the show is that the technology is “old” but the ideas and concepts behind it is very modern. For example, the characters played by Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are in a pharmaceutical trial that aims to cure the brain of all suffering¬†

One small design decision is that a lot of things in the show are neon and brightly coloured. 

Oral-B Blue Neon Sign in Maniac: The Chosen One! (2018) TV Show Product Placement
Image result for neberdine building

There is also a lot of advertising, as seen from the huge neon oral-B sign from the first photo. Kinda weird that you would need a neon sign for a brand that sells oral hygiene products. 

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