Share Your World – Clare Chang

In the Year 3029, exploration science and environmental efforts have ventured one step too far that led to genetic engineering and technology to become out of control. In attempt to revamp a cleaner way to generate energy, things now run on music-powered energy.  

Our protagonist, Emma is a passionate ceramic artist who finds that powering her pottery wheel with music playing out loud is alright when she is in her own space. However, when there are other people around powering their own devices with music playing, it becomes a distraction for her to work since it requires a high volume of concentration.

She also desires to work on the go because the earth’s daylight savings time is out of whack and sunlight is sporadic. Due to man’s failure of the environmental efforts to save the earth, doing work in the night/dark is close to impossible because everyone is listening to music to keep all their other electronic devices working and even light, would consume too much music to power anything else.

Therefore, there is a need to create specifically for this avid ceramist a device that employs:

  1. Mobility/Portable wheel
  • Functions include:
    • Seat
    • Throwing wheel
    • Clay
  1. Individual Music Headset
  • Functions:
    • For concentration
    • To power devices
existing pottery wheel for adaptation
backpack and power generating headphones

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