Explore Practitioners 3: Johan Ng

My cousin is a wedding make-up artist and I got the opportunity to ask her about her profession. It is interesting to see the large number of tools that she uses, and the time needed for one make-up.

Her most recent make-up


  1. Preparation: Trim eyebrows, moisturize and prime, eye cream, lip balm
  2. Foundation – depending on client skin type, e.g oily/dry/sensitive
  3. Eyes – Eyeshadow, eyeliner, false lashes
  4. Fill in eyebrows
  5. Concealer for undereyes and blemishes
  6. Powder and set makeup
  7. Highlight, blusher, contour
  8. Lipstick
  9. Setting spray to lock in makeup

Worksite Documentation

Her make up trolley
Her make up trolley when opened up

She typically does weddings, so it will be either at hotels or the customer’s house. She doesn’t usually require a large amount of space as she take things out from her makeup trolley and put them back after use.

Tools used

various tools that she uses
various tools that she uses

Mainly brushes and sponges. Others include tweezers, scissors for cutting eyelashes, eyelash curlers. She stores all her tools under a makeup trolley with compartments.

Pain Points

Need clear compartments for different things e.g storage of lipsticks, eyelashes and eyeshadows. As there are a lot of tools involved, it may get difficult at times when she is pressed for time.

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