Exploring Practitioners 3: Home-Based Facial Waxing Service – Rachel Teo

Creative Practice

@browsbyrach.sg is a home-based wax beautician. The main service she provides is brow shaping and waxing accompanied by the filling in of the waxed brow. Her other services includes upper and lower lip waxing.

Brow Waxing Process Documentation

First, the area to-be-waxed is cleaned, any makeup and facial oils are removed with a cotton pad and a makeup remover and/or pre-treatment cleanser. Next, an “inked” string is used to carefully map out the shape and areas of the brows to be waxed off. Then a wooden applicator is dipped into the heated soft wax, and a thin layer of the wax is applied to the marked area for hair removal. Following, special waxing strips are used to secure onto the wax areas, and is ripped off swiftly in one motion, removing the unwanted hair in the process. After the general to-be-waxed areas are waxed, a pair of tweezers are used to pluck away any stray hairs that were not able to be waxed off in the process. Any wax residue is then removed by another cotton pad, soaked with post-treatment oil.

Workplace Documentation

The worksite is really small, not much space is needed as the equipment needed is compacted onto a small trolley, and the practice is generally stationary, except of the movement of the practitioner’s hands. The worksite consists of two chairs (one for her client, and another for her), a trolley of her tools, and a light source.


  • Chair
  • Hair removal wax
  • Wax heater
  • Wax applicator sticks
  • Waxing paper strips
  • Cotton pads
  • Powder
  • Make-up remover
  • Cleanser oil (pre treatment)
  • Wax remover oil (post treatment)
  • Hair clips and a hair band
  • Tweezers
  • Spoolie
  • Mirror
  • Light

Pain Points

The main difficulty was getting there, as her home was far off from the MRT station, and even required a walk from the bus stop. But she is unable to practice her work any where else but her home as she does not have any “shop space”, nor is there another appropriate space for her.

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