Practice Storyworld – Johan Ng


Set in the year 2330, no one knows why but it is prohibited to leave the house with their bare face. People are now required to put on a mask called the Identity passport or IP for short. With the IP, everything that you need to know about a person can be put on display through your IP. Life still goes on normally thou no one knows when exactly the IP was created or made. People just came along with it. Throughout the different ages, people go to the place called the Centre to maintain their IP.

The world is now determined by their IP standings. Since it is public, people know how each other fare and treat each other according to their ranks. A class “A” citizen is entitled to higher education, priority treatment and many other benefits whereas a class “F” citizen is only entitled to public housing. These rankings are determined from birth and are dependent on the parent’s status. Though it is possible to change classes, it is uncommon for people to pursue change as the life that people live are predetermined and everyone has a role in society. No one ever questions the system as the world now has no problems and people get by with their classes.

Genre: Adventure / Identity

Story: Tim, a class “B” citizen has nothing but issues with his IP. He hates how uncomfortable it is, but still put it on whenever his parents tell him to. He goes around the house bare-face but has never seen his parents real face before. He once took off his IP in public by accident and saw things that he had never seen before. The siren rang, and he never dare to take it off ever again. By a stroke of luck, he spots someone with a mysterious IP, one that he has never seen before. It was different from the rest, almost as though the person was not wearing it. Curious to find out what lies beyond the IP, Tim decides to follow that person in search for an answer.

Method: Through a comic or an animation.

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