Practice Story world – Karin Lew

Storyworld: Elysian

Genre: Dystopian/Sci-Fi


In a future world, technology has advanced so much that death has been defeated and people are able to live forever. Humans no longer have to be afraid of dying because when they “die” on Earth (planet 1), their memories and mind are transplanted to a new body on the next planet until they die there again and the cycle continues through the other planets (5 in total). In short, mankind could be recycled over and over again. Each planet they are born into possesses different cultures, languages, and genetics. The only thing that remains constant is their name (there are no same names, everyone has their own unique name). This revolutionary idea was created as a solution to the problem of world overpopulation in the year 3390. To maintain the population at the ideal amount, governments of the world collaborated to enforce the law that no one was allowed to bear children of their own. Instead, the recycled human mind would be implanted into basic, genetically formed baby bodies, and given to their host parents who would then be able to choose how they would want their child to look like using a genetic modifier. Only when the child reaches 18, is he/she given the chance to gain access to the memories from their past lives on other planets so as to help them understand the world they live in.


  • Calix (main character)
  • James and Margot (Calix’s parents)
  • Nari (Best friend/Love interest)


Movie/ Short series


Calix is born on Venus (Planet 3) and has grown up to be a handsome young man. It has come to the time where everyone his age on the planet has to make the decision whether they want access to all their past memories or not. This decision can only be made one time in their life on this planet, and if they choose to access it, there is no going back. For generations, no one has chosen to access their past memories for fear of going insane or being unable to handle all the different lifetimes. They have witnessed many who took the risk, only to enter a dazed state of identity crisis before going insane after a couple of days and committing suicide (the ultimate end for a human if they do not report to the resurrection building to harvest their mind and memories for the next life).

James, Margot and Calix have talked about this and decided that he will decline access to his past memories. Calix is certain Nari will decline as well and they can continue with their daily lives. 

However, on the day of choosing, Nari accepts access to her past memories and true enough disappears in a few days. She leaves behind a note for Calix, saying that she is still alive, but hiding somewhere and has created a copy of her memories from her past lives, so that Calix will understand why she has disappeared. 

Calix watches her memories and is shocked to find that it is empty. It seemed someone got to her message before him and deleted the file. Everything seem to be wrong and unravelling. Calix knew he had to find Nari’s memories and then find her. In order to do so, he would have to sneak in to the government and find her files, and perhaps his memories as well. To do so, Calix combines the genetic modifier with the visual record of all the humans on Venus to create a wearable device that allows him to disguise himself as whoever he wanted as well as their data on this planet. With this he was able to blend seamlessly into the government and start his discovery on his missing best friend…..

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