Practice Storyworld – Vashon Tnee

Story World: Dyst0p1a

The world is no longer huge, after a great flood due to the effects of global warming, the year 3144 is different from the one we recognize. A great war for resources created three prominent schools of thought which became factions in the grand scheme of the world. The faction of Order, Chaos and Neutrality. These schools of thoughts spread throughout the remainder of the world becoming countries in their own right. The country of Barjordia (Order), Hampo (Chaos) and Antsmaa (Neutrality). Our protagonist is born in Antsmaa, and due to circumstances, wishes to “restart” the world.

  • The large cities are well advanced in spite of the dystopian nature of the world but the war has devastated many of the “better’ technologies leaving only scraps for the final residents of the world to work with…
    • Plenty of mutated technologies
    • Creatures that may seem familiar but no longer remain the same (i.e. cybernetic enhancements, etc.)
  • Character Descriptions
    • The protagonist is a very weathered individual due to the circumstances of the world. Jaded and made indifferent, the character may be more of an antihero than an actual hero.
    • Things he/she may be wearing:
      • An eyepatch
      • Gloves
      • Skin Trophies (Won from battles)
      • Jacket
  • Relationship Maps
    • Chaos and Order are always battling
    • Neutral avoids the crossfire and conflict
  • Important Technology
    • War weaponry
    • Espionage tech
    • Data hacking
  • Antecedent Technology
    • Plug-ins
    • USBs
    • Cooling Fluids
    • Industrial factories


The protagonist is born in Antsmaa to a poor family. The conflict beyond the shores of Antsmaa was unknown to the people living there except for the politically affluent. The war however eventually reached the shores as factions from both Order and Chaos made the village at the coast where the protagonist lived into one of their battlegrounds and in the crossfire, his family was murdered. The protagonist grows to hate all the factions and seeks to nihilistically remove every single part of it. In order to do so, he will need the right equipment to blend in and take down each faction from the inside.

  • What is the role of the device you make?
    • It provides the protagonist with shapeshifting technology that does not exist yet for the world until it was invented.
  • What other props and actors do you have?
    • The protagonist, and actors that represent the leaders from each faction
    • Props would be a helmet
  • What other materials do you need to create?
    • A cloak/jacket?

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