Documentation for Prototypes and Models – Karin Lew

Creative Practice: Following a youtube tutorial on How to make and Avocado Milkshake

Tools needed:

  • knife
  • blender
  • ipad for watching cooking tutorial
  • hands
  • cutting board 

2 Possible Inventions:

  1. The finger knife; Hands play a crucial role in cooking and my idea for these 2 products was what if we had something that could be attached to our hand so that we could do our tasks even more easily and conveniently. The concept of this finger knife was meant for smaller, softer items, making it ideal as a bread knife- cum- spreader.
  2. The handy blendy; Again, the use of hands in all that we do, and replacing it with something else–in this case the knifes.

The finger knife Model

This portable and wearable knife makes it easy and light to carry it around. The idea of using fingers make the entire cutting process easier and more fun. It also works as a finger spreader, a perfect companion for bread. 

The possible danger of this is that it might end up cutting my fingers seeing as to how close the serrated edges are to them. The knife can also be used only for soft materials for if it is too unyielding, my finger would not be able to take the hardness. 

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