Documentation for Prototypes and Models – Low Jia Yi

Creative Practice:
Zentangle + Coloring (Meditative Art Practices)

Example of Colored Zentangle (Credits to Terry Dryden)

Tools Needed:
– Pencil
– Tortillon
– Eraser
– Marker
– Color Pencil(s)
– Paper

Sketch of 5 tools needed

Idea 1: Finger Straps

Sketch of Finger Straps
Model of Finger Straps

My first idea was simply to strap one of each of the 5 tools to each finger, so that the tools will be easily available. However, this is not an idea that will actually work because the user will not actually be able to use the tools properly in a way that can allow him or her to control and execute the creative practice.

Idea 2: Robotic Strap-On Arm

Sketch of Robotic Strap-On Arm
Prototype of Robotic Strap-On Arm

The second idea builds on the first idea in terms of making all the tools readily accessible. However, to improve control, I thought of having a device strapped on to the user’s wrist, and said device is actually a robotic arm, with each of it’s ‘fingers’ holding the tools. The user can then press the corresponding buttons on his or her inner wrist to activate the robotic arm and have the tool delivered to in between his or her thumb and index finger, available for use.

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