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Practice it Works In

Catch is designed by a British product designer Hans Ramzan. It is a pocket-sized device that allows for people to test for HIV from home. Therefore, it is branched out from the practice of medicine and healthcare. 

Its Specific Use

This mechanism was invented because people sometimes do not notice the signs of HIV and hence transition into AIDS, which is the final stage. This is designed for people from developing countries, to solve the problem of people there also not being able to afford and access healthcare aid. This device is specifically designed to extract blood and check if HIV is present. It is done in a few simple steps:

  1. User inserts finger into sleeve 
  2. Pipette on the top (which is linked to the needle) is pushed down
  3. Needle enters the finger, and when pipette is released, blood is extracted and sucked into the device
  4. Press the latch button at the side of device and needle is removed and blood flows onto absorbent strip
  5. The indicator shows results – one line means test works, two lines means HIV antibodies are present 


This device is extremely lightweight and portable, being slightly smaller than the length of an index finger. This is also attributed to the material it is made of. Catch is made from a composite of recycled polythylene terephthalate (PET) water bottles and regular PET.

Utility VS Fashionability

Ramzan has kept the design of Catch extremely simplistic. Instead of undergoing a more rigorous procedure of doing a blood test and waiting hours or even days to obtain result, Catch produces results almost immediately. This is also useful because it saves on manpower for this healthcare service. It is also profitable since it is made from recycled material (with an estimated production cost of ~SGD7). The visual design in also appealing because of the sleekness and minimalistic details.

Fishing Vest

Practice It Works In

The fishing vest is made for those who participate in the sport – both recreational and competitive. It is to keep all the tools organised and close to the users’ reach.

Its Specific Use

The vest is designed with multiple compartments in order for the user to store different items separately. The compartments are also made of different sizes and also with different closures (either zip, button, or zippers). It is meant to keep the fisherman’s tools neat and dry, especially since there are various small items that could be easily misplaced. The vest is also double-sided meaning that storage compartments are not only on the outside but also on the inside, maximising the amount of space.


The fishing vest does not restrict the movement of the fisherman since it sits only on the body’s torso, allowing for a free range of movement of the arms and legs.

Utility VS Fashionability 

Overall, the fishing vest is very practical and acting as a mobile storage space. It is also useful because it acts as an indirect fishing tool checklist for the user when one of the compartments are empty. As for fashionability, it is definitely not suited for everyday wear since it may not be that lightweight and also the conglomerate of items in a single vest may look bulky and unflattering.

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