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Practice it works in
SurfEars are ear plugs designed for water athletes like surfers and swimmers.

Its specific use
These ear plugs protect the water athlete’s ears from water, bacteria, dirt and cold air, thereby preventing abnormal bone growth in the ear canal as well as ear inflammation, without affecting their hearing. At the same time, they enable almost no acoustic loss and hence allowing the water athlete to hear their surroundings and not feel isolated.

These ear plugs are, of course, lightweight and extremely mobile, and they stay in place even during extreme activities.

Utility vs Fashionability
These ear plugs are also high in utility as they come with changeable parts that allow customisation to fit perfectly in the water athlete’s ears, as well as fixation wings that keep them in place without the need of a safety cord. This, in my opinion, enhances its fashionability, and they also look sleek, with a nice pop of colour.

Survival Laces 

Practice it works in
Survival Laces are shoelaces that double up as a survival tool for the camper, hiker, backpacker, and the like.

Its specific use
These laces made with 550 paracord can be used to catch game, repair gear, bandage wounds, build shelter, build weapons or traps, and etcetera. It also contains a strand of tinder and a ferrocerium rod which could be used to start a fire in times of desperation.

These laces add little weight and volume to the survival gear, with so many capabilities hidden under one firmly secured metal aglet (of each lace). In fact it does not even require space in the backpack as they only need to replace the laces of the hiking or backpacking boots. They are available in 5 lengths to fit almost any shoe.

Utility vs fashionability
These paracord laces have good utility by providing endless possibilities in the wilderness, and even accommodates amateurs in fire-making with the tinder strand cut to the optimal length of 4 inches and leaving a surplus. Fashionability is also not compromised with mobility as the laces come in two chic and universal colours, black or olive, which would go with any shoe.

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