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Chairless Chair

‘Chairless Chair’ by Sapetti

Practice it works in 
The ‘Chairless Chair’ is designed primarily for manufacturing environments where workers need to stand for prolonged periods of time. Since having a chair in manufacturing environments can pose as obstacles or safety hazards, the ‘Chairless Chair’ aims to remove such worries while providing comfort for its users.

Its specific use
It is designed as a “wearable skeleton”. The user can walk around freely and receive support when squatting, crouching or bending. This reduces the physical strain in laborious occupations, in turn reducing absences and early retirement. 

Users can comfortably walk around and the wearable exoskeleton will provide support, instantly, should they need to go into an uncomfortable position. There is a torso harness as well as torso and thigh straps to ensure that the wearable chair fits snugly. Moreover, the seat does not disrupt the user’s movements when walking around. 

Utility vs Fashionability 
The ‘Chairless Chair’ is mainly made for the purpose of utility rather than fashionability since it looks rather tacky.

Tackle Tek Nomad Backpack

Tackle Tek Nomad – Lighted Backpack by Wild River Outdoor Gear

Practices it works in
This backpack is the all-in-one toolbox for fishermen to load their equipment.

Its specific use 
The Backpack has the following features:
– LED light
– Tray storage
– Sunglass holder
– Plier holder
– Retractable lanyard
– Front pocket
Each of the above feature has a unique purpose which allows for equipment to be properly stored and organised. Tools such as pliers, which may potentially damage other equipments, and sunglasses, which are fragile, are kept away in different compartments to protect other equipments or make it more convenient to reach to. 

Since everything is incorporated in a bag, it is convenient to bring around and equipment is properly organised for convenient retrieval. 

Utility vs Fashionability
The Backpack is focuses more on utility rather than fashionability because of its simple design, colour and practical add-ons. It could look bulky and thus, too tacky to be fashionable.

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